Our Story

Our clothes are designed for everyday comfort and style.

Exceptional quality. Ethical production.

We are a brand born out of dislike for excess and desire for subtle detail and clean design, creating classic, everyday staples crafted from natural, Indian textiles.

Brand Philosophy - Founder

Founded in 2015, ANOMALY is a clothing brand specialising in minimal essentials that are refined, elegant and versatile. Our brand embodies a way of life for the modern woman and man who prefers understated elegance to superfluous ornamentation.


Designed to last

We believe in simple design, quality and transparency. Our workshop is an extension of our core philosophy, located in the same building where we design.


Visit Our Studio/Store

We have a retail store located within our design studio in Shahpur Jat, New Delhi. A warm and welcoming space, our store has attracted shoppers, collaborators and friends from all over the world.