Designed to last

Our Process

Each and every garment we sell is cut, sewn and packaged in our workshop which is located in the same building as our design studio. Having a small, yet skilled team of artisans and a trained production staff, we are proud to be able to produce our collections in-house, focusing on quality and attention to detail.

In addition to producing for our own brand, we have been fortunate to produce for external buyers and clients such as We Are Kal, Marina Hiramatsu, uniform design for a restaurant as well as buyers in the Middle East. We produce small and large orders for like-minded buyers who value quality and transparency. Connect with us via email at or visit us if you’d like to collaborate on a project with us!


We ensure each and every order is stitched and finished with utmost care using ethical production methods and careful consumption of materials. We maintain limited inventory, producing online orders and wholesale orders based on demand and keeping limited stock in our store and for our retailers in India. Our production team ensures fabrics are consolidated and leftover scraps are upcycled.
Providing a clean and respectful working environment to our karigars and staff is just as important to us as the clothing we make. Everything we do and create stems from the aim to discourage the disposable view of clothing and excess availability of mass produced fashion.

Wholesale / Retail

Our collections are available in select online stores across the globe. We produce small and large quanitites for our international buyers. If you are a retailer interested in stocking ANOMALY, we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch at with a little bit about your store and if there are any products or collections that you are particularly interested in. You can also visit us at our studio/store to view our collections and make your selections.

Shipping / Packaging

Each order is carefully finished and packaged in our workshop. We ensure every shipment is checked thoroughly before leaving our premises. Our branding materials are simple and convey our vision – ‘less is more’.
It is our hope that by thoughtful production and consumption, we can focus on design and quality, creating timeless clothing for our customers.