We recently caught up with Sharnamli and Mitali, founders of The Pink Post Inc. A well-curated and one of the most popular trunk shows in the capital, the lovely duo talk about how they met and decided to combine their experience and knowledge to create a luxury shopping platform for designers and buyers.
What are your backgrounds and how did you meet?
We met 10 years ago while studying at Warwick University in UK. Our absolute love for fashion and shopping brought us together where we would plan our shopping escapades in detail rather than thinking about all the coursework ;)

Sharnamli: I worked for over 5 years in the fashion vertical with designers like Manish Arora etc.

Mitali: I began my career with consulting at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) India moving onto e-commerce giant Fashion & You.
How did you come up with the idea for The Pink Post Inc.?
After living and working in India over a few years, we realized the gap in the market for innovative fresh young talent, which was affordable and different. People were limited to shopping at malls and typical retailers rather than being exposed to the huge talent out there. The existing exhibitions at that point were not being able to bring to the table a varied mix of designers and the right target audience to the event. We thus decided to create a platform for young designers to showcase and sell their exciting products for people looking to experiment with their personal style, which was a win-win concept for both parties.

Can you share your brand selection process for the Pink Post Inc? Who would you say your audience is?
The Pink Post Inc essentially caters to the young and trendy along with everyone who's young at heart. Our brand selection is our USP. We take pride in putting up shows that speak of the quality of brands over the number (quantity) of brands at each event. We choose brands based on the innovation of design and expertise; most importantly the price of the garment has to be justified.

Does each of you have a defined role in the business? Can each of you share your favourite part of running the business?

Sharnamli: I usually take care of the Marketing & Branding aspect of the company as I enjoy the whole creative process at work. My favourite part of the business is definitely working on the newly launched social media vertical of the business as you get to experiment with something new each day!

Mitali: My forte is definitely the operational part of it, from picking new cities to finalizing hotels/locations. From layouts to choosing the right kind of brands that fit the bill. Hence the organization, execution and finance of the business are the aspects I look after.

What is a typical day like for both of you?

Sharnamli: I’m an early riser, so a typical day starts with checking emails over breakfast, then getting ready and heading out to meetings followed by a workout in the evening to rejuvenate and switch off. Evenings are usually reserved for quality time with friends and family.

Mitali: I run 3 businesses simultaneously, The Pink Post Inc being one of them so my morning involves a barrage of phone calls. Once that's taken care of its emails & getting ready but no two days are the same in my week! Evenings are generally involved with anything that helps me unwind :)

How would you describe your personal styles? Separate answers, please

Sharnamli: My personal style is trendy and feminine with a dash of glam. I’m a complete girly girl obsessed with all things fashion, so I love to dress up and usually add one eye-catching accessory to make my outfit pop!

Mitali: I love clothes and maybe that's why I had to own a label of my own! My style statement has got to be comfortable and yet got to be in vogue. Add a statement neckpiece to even the most boring clothes (especially on depressing Mondays!) and I’m all set to go!

What does each of you do to unwind? Do you ever get away from work

Sharnamli: Exercise and travel are definitely my most essential and much-needed distractions from work. I usually try and stick to 40 minutes of workout each day and one short trip each month to unwind.

Mitali: Come home to two Rottweilers and you forget all your stresses. I hit the gym and catch up with friends. I'm a foodie so trying out new places is on the top of my list. When it gets too much I take off for the weekend. Unless you switch off your mobile there is actually no getting away from your work. But I absolutely love what I do so you'll even find me at a party replying to emails ;)

The best and worst part about working together?
The best part about working with each other is that each day feels like a party and we have a blast while doing the most mundane of tasks. That brings us to the worst part is that sometimes it gets impossible to concentrate and take things seriously in front of our employees!

What’s next for The Pink Post Inc?
It’s an exciting time for TPPI with taking our trunk shows to newer cities, many new collaborations and verticals that we are venturing into, so keep a lookout!

Thank you so much Sharnamli and Mitali for a fun shoot and for sharing your inspiring story with us!

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Sharnamli wears our Essential Silk Tank and Relaxed Pleat Front Pant
Mitali wears our Structured Cotton Stripe Dress

Photography: Tenzin Laghlayal (@tenlhagyal)