Zina and Zoya Singh are the lovely, energetic twins behind fashion, lifestyle and culture blog, Terrible Twos. We caught up with them at our favourite coffee shop, Perch Wine and Coffee Bar in Delhi and chatted about fashion and their quirky blog which they co-created as a platform to talk about style, culture, beauty, travel and wellness. Sharing a passion for travel and food, the fun duo talk about their take on the Indian fashion landscape, how they got started and their favourite brands!

What inspired you both to start blogging? Did you have any mentors in the digital or fashion space when you first started?
Having studied in London and enjoying dressing up, blogging was a natural way for us to express and accept our creative sides. The Man Repellar inspired us to use fashion as a strong voice, not only as a social commentary revolving around ethical issues but on a wider human perspective.

Can you tell us a bit about your blog? What's your content strategy and who is your target reader? 
Our blog is for a culturally avid reader. We want our readers to not feel intimidated by fashion, covering luxury fashion as a means of positive influence and not an unattainable aspiration. We also try to tackle real women/human concerns as we feel this is our duty as influencers. Our readers can be anywhere in the world and easily access opinions, aesthetics, people and life through our blog.

Fashion blogging is a saturated market today. How do you stay authentic amongst so many voices?
Luckily for us, being twins has always gotten us a certain desired audience. More importantly, our commitment to stay true to ourselves in this fast-changing and the growing market makes us push harder to slow down and do what suits us best. Our readers understand quality and know the difference!

What are some of your most enjoyable and successful brand collaborations in the past? How do you determine what makes a good brand partnership?
We’ve done some great work with Infinite Luxury Brands, which represents Missoni, Emilio Pucci and Versace in India. They have been very kind and we enjoy our bond with them. Dhruv Kapoor is a dear friend and has always backed our crazy ideas. We would say the same for Gaurav Jai Gupta of Akaaro. Our first ever collaboration with Shweta Kapur of 431-88 has turned into a long and enjoyable friendship. A good partnership stems from good communication and understanding the ethics and values of the two and merging them.

What's your take on the rapidly changing fashion landscape in India with more and more affordable, ready to wear brands making their way into the business? Do you think this is a trend?
Since there is so much easily available now, people can just shop while browsing the internet. This has made shopping a drastically enjoyable experience for people. With affordable fashion being more accessible, we are seeing a more conscious and well-dressed consumer.

Can you name a few of your favourite fashion/clothing brands?
Stella McCartney for smart tailoring. Alexander McQueen for beautiful embroidery. Alexander Wang for every day, easy luxury. Ralph Lauren for eveningwear and Sermonetta gloves. Some of the shoe brands we love are Adidas collaborative sneakers and Modern Vice boots, to name a few!

What's your typical day like?
ZINA: Focusing on small goals, from fitness, family, friends and work. I also ensure there is enough time for myself. Spending time with people I love has to be an essential part of my day. Also, deciding what I eat! Haha! Reading before sleeping and gratitude.

ZOYA: My day involves spending time with family, followed by yoga to help me focus on work and ending my day with a tennis game for a sound sleep. I take out time for music and reading on a daily basis. Gratitude and being thankful for my awareness are routine for me.

Do you feel a social responsibility towards your readers and the community at large? Are you working on any non-fashion related collaborations and stories that you'd like to share with us?
Yes, we work closely with an NGO and the girls from there. We had invited them over for Independence Day to ready storybooks and plant seeds. We are also involved with people who want to engage in spreading awareness for eating disorders and mental illnesses, as there is very little awareness for these disorders in our country. As social influencers, we feel it is our duty to convey a healthy and positive image/message to our followers since fashion can be negatively perceived.

What's next for the Terrible Twos?
Terrible Twos are going to take on whatever comes their way. We are venturing into lifestyle, health, food and travel at the same time.

Zina wears our Kimono Belted Wrap Top and Flared Single Pleat Front Pant
Zoya wears our Collared Top with Pleats, Flared Single Pleat Front Pant and Tailored Long Vest

Thank you so much Zina and Zoya for spending the afternoon with us and sharing your inspiring journey!

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Photography: Yashasvi Sharma (@yashasvisharma)